Qihoo 360 and Google search cooperation agreement reached

Netease science and technology news on January 4th message, according to foreign media reports, before the news Qihoo 360 and Google is expected to reach a search deal, may have on the Chinese search giant Baidu threat, but Qihoo has to ZDNet officially confirmed the news, said that the agreement with the Google does exist, but declined to give further details.
Bloomberg news earlier this week quoted the analysis of investment firm WedgePartners said, Qihoo and Google will collaborate in early 2013. Qihoo chief executive Zhou Hongyi said before, Qihoo to Google, Microsoft, Sogou search engine service companies have cooperation.
After the United States independent analyst ABR InvestmentStrategy also reported the upcoming Qihoo and Google cooperation. ABR said: "given the Qihoo and Google expected cooperation, we will search revenue in fiscal year 2013 is expected to increase to $90000000 from $62000000."
When ZDNet Asia linked to Qihoo aspects of the interview, Qihoo said: "between Qihoo can only confirm and Google cooperation does exist, but can not disclose any details of the information."
Citibank analyst Lee Act (Lee, Muzhi) to (RaviSarathy), and Ravi Saladi said, Qihoo and Google cooperation is bad news for Baidu is concerned. They reaffirmed Baidu sell rating, said this is because cooperation Qihoo search monetization and service and Google keyword.
If everything goes smoothly, Qihoo on Google cooperation for the first time. Qihoo has in their browsers before using Google search service, now it has been replaced by its own search service.
Qihoo has established itself in the field of software safety, the company has operations will be extended to other Internet services, such as browsers and search engine service. (West)