360 search engine http://so.360.cn is on line

The previous day legend tiger 360 to push its own search engine, today, 360 of the search engine quietly on the line, some in the industry have been hearsay and start trial. 360 search enable domain so.360.cn two.
At present, 360 search interface is also very simple, subscript red below to design similar to "Youdao search". In addition, in addition to webpage search by 360 search provides search results, news search, MP3 search, image search, map search, ask search are directly linked to the corresponding classification of Baidu search, video search link to 360 of the original "360 video search".
In view of the line just 360 possible search, search technology and experience is still not perfect, so the 360 search is still retained the Baidu and Google search, the two search are integrated into the 360 search page, if the user feel dissatisfied with 360 search results, can be directly click switch to Baidu search or Google search.
From the micro-blog everyone to the 360 search engine test results, the 360 search may go is route Blekko (personal speculation), is also the only index authority sites to ensure that the garbage station authority and removing search results.
In August 10th, Cheng Lingfeng said in the micro-blog:
I heard that the general search 360 is about to launch its own domain name. Was supposed to launch the browser information recommendation based on, but not mature. Also heard on other search engine results in the "illegal" content or ads to remind users tagging.
At present, it said non-trivial, according to another Fenng in the micro-blog sources:
More hearsay about 360 search: everyone knows the address, now in the first test of water, its search results is not good enough, may and Bing do first cooperation. Real maturity in his own. 360 the stock price to rise.
In the afternoon there will be a small noisy can see: Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan said in the micro-blog:
By three stage rocket model, the 360 finally released universal search. Internet users have more choice is a good thing. But the search technology need long time of accumulation, we have to worry about the poor quality of the use of improper means to hurt the user. I'd heard the development process there are some extreme means to go beyond the bottom line "". Sogou search team will make a general evaluation on the 360 search quality, afternoon for everyone to send report.
At present the 360 official and Zhou Hongyi have not been disclosed more information.