Baidu large-scale algorithm upgrade SEOer carefully use clicking software

Recently, Baidu large-scale upgrade of the algorithm and revision, engage in panic. First, the failure of Baidu news search, Baidu search engine, frequent errors, especially slightly longer text each will wrong. Which one is clicking on the class of the more popular software algorithm adjustments at running events from the most recent such software provider, can say with certainty that the clicker market. Baidu click software popular in the country, starting in 2009, also known as analog click, P2P technology and agent technology to the realistic simulation of user click behavior to affect search engine rankings. Baidu Union ad interaction point Union, cross-point group and so the nature of the mutual click advertising on Baidu Union conduct penalty.

I also received the e-mail notification of Baidu Union, all Baidu Union websites, Reward Report, click visible human use software simulation behavior has touched the fundamental interests of Baidu, Baidu, of course, can not be tolerated.

User feedback: it took 598 to buy a one-click software originally ranked 15 words, click afternoon clicker analog results gone the next day, not only the word ranking, the most angry, the other keywords ranking disappeared, and worked hard to optimize the site for six months, just search the title search, the company commander Suffix not search.