China mobile phone supply chain expansion of reforming small factory fear is now out of the tide

Recently, the intelligent mobile phone supply chain upstream manufacturers news coming down the supply chain, the industry pointed out that, due to the mainland market funds continued to tighten, mobile phone upstream component factory is facing a shortage of funds, coupled with the components market pile up in excess of requirement, supply chain industry survival pressure increase, the industry is expected to continue to have a major reshuffle fear of semi mobile phone upstream in 2014 the whole supply chain, and fashion show atmosphere of the situation, small and medium-sized manufacturers will not escape a new wave of knockout.

Mobile phone competition increasingly fierce shock upstream supply chain

Recently, mobile phone manufacturers such as dimensional upstream exhibition photoelectric LCD module plant, including optical material factory, mobile phone and tablet computer solution providers, are spread out a message, the supply chain industry, supply chain, mobile phone market is facing a shortage of funds and the components of pile up in excess of requirement, operating pressure continues to expand, more and more mobile phone market, especially the competition intense, many mobile phone factory encountered turbulence in the market, affecting the upstream suppliers also in trouble.

Amplification of
Mobile phone market, fierce battle broke out, the mobile phone supply chain restructuring wave atmosphere. For mobile phone sales channels, ". Photo by Li Jianliang /
Touch panel integrated supply chain trends,
China mobile phone touch panel plant sources, the global mobile phone market, fierce competition in the market, the degree of congestion is far more than the industry expected, not only mobile phone terminal market from a war, the mobile phone components price pressures, coupled with the frequency components manufacturers price offensive grab market share, the market out of order, mobile phone components factory in manufacturing, research and development and the inventory pressure, in a hard business, small and medium companies the situation is more difficult, the industry expects mobile phone supply chain will once again reshuffle, the market will continue to re layout.

Mobile phone industry pointed out that, in the supply chain industry in large scale manufacturers strong crowding out, not only the product is difficult to differentiate, small and medium-sized manufacturers will also go from bad to worse because of power, technology and economy of scale is obviously insufficient, small mobile phone manufacturers upstream face elimination pressure will be more and more big.

Touch panel and lift the whole wind small factory to survive

It is worth noting that, mobile phone chain, not only caused by the turbulent, mobile phone accessories plant layout wind touch panel market, supply chain integration and the trend of a more diffuse, large touch manufacturers continued to raise or enlarge an army, positive for power, like the mainland's top three glass projected capacitive touch sensor technology combined with touch module plant factory manager Depp, acquired both module factory capacity, as China top three protection glass factory star technology acquisition of Toptouch touch module plant, on the downstream of a whip, vertical integration.

Touch panel factory Jiangxi helitai is through mergers and joint chemical, successfully get tickets listed stock. In addition, originally funded the touch panel factory Mutto optical touch, due to intense price competition, gradually losing market focus, resolution at Mutto Optronics Group Limited company 100% stake, to hand over the touch panel industry, Taiwan agreed to compensate shareholders Mutto optical field, through the equity transfer, Hongkong Dongshan precision optoelectronic in animal husbandry East photoelectric production base in Suzhou.

In fact, the situation of touch panel industry pattern has been gradually formed, Jiangxi helitai chairman Wen Kaifu frankly, in recent years the touch industry capital integrated active from the capital, resources, facilities, a new combination, including the integration between listed and non-listed company, small and medium-sized manufacturers resources integration, is a good trend, the long-term to touch industry competition is benign development, but for small and medium-sized manufacturers future living space may be limited.