Mobile phone factory expansion, encroachment of large international companies in the second half of

The intelligent mobile phone, in the low-cost model plant with strong offensive, the rapid rise in the global market, including Samsung Electronics recently (Samsung Electronics), Sony action (Sony Mobile) and HTC electric and other international mobile phone manufacturers, for the second half of 2014 prospects are not very optimistic, because the mainland mobile phone factory continued to improve in the low-end market fire, to expand on, layout, coupled with Apple's (Apple) new large size iPhone to Android international mobile phone manufacturers camp, the second half of the year will struggle, fear of market share continued to decline.

Supply chain industry, the rapid rise of mobile phone factory in mainland China, including Huawei, Lenovo, millet have to squeeze into the top 5 global smart mobile phone, and the market share has continued to improve, in contrast, LG, Sony action have withdrawn from the list, market share is shrinking, due to competition, mobile phone market is difficult to reverse, mobile phone factory, and there is still much room for growth in overseas markets, the industry is expected, mobile phone factory will continue to erode market share strong layout.

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Recently, including Samsung, SONY and HTC and other international mobile phone manufacturers for the second half of 2014 are not very optimistic about the prospects. Photo by Li Jianliang /
Android international mobile phone manufacturers shipped camp
The recent international mobile phone manufacturers including Samsung, SONY, HTC earnings performance is not ideal, for the third quarter, and even the second half of the operation are not very optimistic about the prospects, the Samsung Galaxy S5 sales than expected, the low order models of high inventory, sales and profits have shrunk significantly, the global market share of more than 3 from the original to continue to decline to about 25%, the leading global mobile phone rings was pale.

Although SONY Xperia Z2 received a lot of praise action, low order models are excellent, but because of supply chain and supply loose, resulting in higher order models lack of supply, coupled with emerging markets in mainland China retreat, volume reduced, not only for the two mobile communication department Ji Kuisun, also lowered the annual shipment goal, from 50000000 under the revised to 43000000.

HTC electric revenue in the second quarter just to reach the target, and the successful turnaround, however, for the third quarter outlook is quite conservative, change the expected full year operating higher quarterly basis, HTC power in Europe and the United States market performance shows no significant improvement, and in emerging markets, and India suffered a strong challenge, single season shipments volume has shrunk to about 5000000, from the top 10 mobile phone brand is more and more far.

As for Le Jin's second quarter earnings performance is not bad, in the new generation of its flagship mobile phone G3 and the low order L III series models driven by single season shipments hit a record high of 14500000, Lenovo, millet in about the same, but Le Jin also for the second half of the competition of the mobile market feel great pressure, single quarter profit may be a flash in the pan.

For Samsung, SONY, LG, HTC and other international mobile phone manufacturers, not only have to face the market share battle, but also pay attention to the profit decline, and even losses, although the second half of the Android mobile phone factory is still a new high-end models launched, will in the low-end market to fight back, but the face of the mainland manufacturers in high cost model on market share, coupled with Apple's large size iPhone will continue in the second half of the year by site, may be struggling.