Lenovo, millet new pull goods, Huawei heating panel factory, factory shipments strong touch

Recently, Lenovo, millet and other brands, Huawei factory over to pull goods, with the terminal brand factory intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer started to pull goods, driven by the upstream panel, touch panel supply chain industry the recent significant increase in orders, shipments began warming in supply chain.

Supply chain industry sources, terminal brand factory, and actively explore the market share, have reloaded the second half of 2014, to promote the terminal brand factory intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer new machine is the thousand arrows shot. Terminal brand factory in order to seize market opportunities, play Speed is the soldier's asset. effect, has also led to the development of small and medium size panel, touch panel and other components of demand to rise.

In fact, in addition to intelligent mobile phone outside of the battlefield, the tablet computer terminal brand factory has become the main battlefield of another, including: Apple (Apple), Samsung Electronics (Samsung Electronics), Sony mobile communication (Sony Mobile Communications), HTC electric, Le Jindian (Electronics LG), Lenovo, millet, Asus, Huawei so, Acer terminal brand factory shall not fall behind.

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Terminal brand factory to seize market opportunities, but also drives the panel, touch panel and so on demand to rise. Photo by Li Jianliang /

Supply chain industry think, tablet computers have not a high profit market, tablet machine market has been broken, the high price models often - vibration. In the current market conditions, high priced models did not hit the consumer demand, sales are not ideal, affecting most terminal brand factory will only expensive aircraft as stacked brand image, display technology "hero model", only low-cost models that have the potential to impulse, also induced the low-cost model more and more, this is decided the consumer market demand.

On the other hand, terminal brand factory competing on the intelligent mobile phone, tablet PC, smart watches wearable device, such as mobile device products, to promote the film type touch panel camp out forces continued to rise, due to the film type touch panel, low cost, relatively have the price competitiveness, contribute to the terminal brand industry cut costs, coupled with film type touch panel is suitable for mass production, in 2014 is still dominant in the intelligent mobile phone and tablet PC market layout, is expected to dominate the low order of intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, low-end smart watch, wearable device market.

DIGITIMES said, Research, intelligent mobile phone industry new overlord of millet, the second quarter of 2014 due to red rice red entry-level machine sales, in the mainland market shipments on red, to maintain the ship above ten million level; cool 4G product leadership, this quarter shipments amounted to 9800000 ranked second. Other mobile phone brand factory, by component, application processor chip manufacturers 4G postponed to the third quarter of 2014, mobile phone brand launch, the new machine factory 4G launch is not much, and the price is mostly in RMB 1000 yuan of above, the second quarter market boom is not as hot industry chain is expected to occur.

International mobile phone brand mobile phone brand factory, factory has been suppressed, due to the mainland mobile phone brand factory to adopt low-cost strategy, its high performance aircraft launched a large number of general like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, most consumers want to lower prices to purchase specifications and experience similar intelligent mobile phone, especially the impact effect of Samsung, Samsung, why, in the mobile phone market shipment is greatly reduced.

According to the DIGITIMES Research estimates, the second quarter of 2014, mobile phone market by parity 4G model failed to spread influence, therefore, China mobile phone market than expected, active, mobile phone brand factory part due to product conversion, had to sacrifice 3G aircraft shipments, although the first mobile phone brand factory, the brand strategy, the high cost of aircraft sales performance is good, the second mobile phone brand factory sales is not reduced, but only slightly decline, compared with the first quarter of 2014, China mobile phone market shipments of smart growth of only about 4.8%, the annual growth rate is only about 4.4%.

Outlook 2014 second half, the upstream chip manufacturers 4G application processor supply without fear, each new machine has been successfully listed, and telecom operators to achieve the expected 4G sales target, to relax the 3 mode model, strengthen the strength limit subsidies, and provide more preferential rates to attract consumers to upgrade 4G, DIGITIMES Research estimates, the third quarter and shipped in the fourth quarter were up to 100000000 and 112000000.